Some and any exercises for beginners pdf

Some and any exercises for beginners pdf
The use of ‘some’ and ‘any’ is rather challenging for absolute beginner English learners. You will need to be especially careful and model many times when introducing ‘some’ and ‘any’. Repeating students mistakes while accenting the mistaken word is especially helpful as the student will be prompted to change his / her response.
09/08/2015 · English Grammar Lesson – The tricky – ‘Some’ Vs ‘Any’ (Learn Spoken English) – Duration: 11:05. Learn English with Let’s Talk – Free English Lessons 216,621 views
7. We have planted some roses in the garden. 8. Don’t waste much time watching TV. 9. She can speak many languages. 10. She hasn’t got any cars. 11. If you find any strawberries, keep some for me. 12. You can borrow any book you like.

‘Any’ and ‘some’ are used in positive and negative statements as well as in questions and can be used for both countable and uncountable (non countable) nouns. Although there are some exceptions, generally speaking, ‘any’ is used in questions and for negative statements while ‘some’ is …
some, any – Exercises – Learn English – Confusing words. Menu. some, any in sentences and questions – Exercise 1. Advertisements. Task No. 2423. some or any? – Choose the correct answer. Do you need help? some or any. Have you got . tomatoes? There are . exercise books on the floor. Did you get the ketchup? No, they didn’t have . You should eat . fresh fruit. We had to
Some or Any? Choose an answer by clicking on a button then compare your choice with the correct one hidden under the answer button.
› Cram Up › Vocabulary › Some Any › Exercise. Exercises on some / any. Exercise 1. Fill in the correct word (some or any). Sue went to the cinema with of her friends! Jane doesn’t have friends. Have you got brothers or sisters? Here is food for the cat. I think you should
Some or any compounds – English online grammar exercise.
Quantifieurs : Some et any – cours Some. Il est utilisé pour désigner une quantité indéfinie (on se moque de savoir la quantité exacte), et dans des phrases affirmatives. Exemples : I have some books. J’ai des livres. She wants some apples. Elle veut des pommes.
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Answers to Some / Any / ‘ o Article’ Exercise 2 1. Have we got any bread? [A real question, I have no idea.] 2. Any student will tell you that they don’t have enough money [it doesn’t matter which student]. 3. We’ve got some furniture, but we still need a table. 4. She bought some new clothes. 5. You can buy beer in any pub [it doesn’t matter which pub]. 6. Can I have some more

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Some / Any / No Article Exercise 2. Review how to use ‘some’ and ‘any’ here. Download this quiz in PDF here. This exercise comes from my book: A and The Explained. Go to the main ‘a’ and ‘the’ page. Need more practice? Get more Perfect English Grammar with our courses. Welcome to Perfect English Grammar! Welcome! I’m Seonaid and I hope you like the website. Please contact me if you have any
Free online exercise on the use of some and any – English grammar exercises.
15. John has _____ older brother and a younger sister. Your score is
some or any in English in an Online exercises with tipps for using Confusing words correctly. Menu. some or any – Exercise. Advertisements. Task No. 2421. some or any? – Choose the correct answer. Do you need help? some or any. We need . bananas. You can’t buy . posters in this shop. We haven’t got . oranges at the moment. Peter has bought . new books. She always takes
English grammar practice exercise, for elementary learners. In this exercise you will practise the difference between some and any. There is a grammar explanation at the bottom of the page. Exercis…
REVIEW:SOME AND ANY OBJETIVO: Identificar las diferencias en el uso de SOME y ANY con sustantivos contables e incontables. Some y Any son usados generalmente como cuantificadores. Para determinar la existencia o ausencia de algo. SOME is used in affirmative statements with countable nouns They have some apples in the freezer.
Some and any Some Used to show an indefinite quantity (the exact number is not important) and in affirmative statements.. Example: I have some books. She wants some apples. Used in questions, but only when you think the answer will be ‘Yes’.. Example:

English Exercises: Some and any * 3 tasks for beginners* with grammar
some or any some or any. Level: elementary Age: 8-12 Author:marina petchpeng Fullscreen : some any exercise for some any Level: elementary Age: 7-12 Author:fadime16 Fullscreen : Some and any * 3 tasks for beginners* with grammar This is the OE version of my ws. This way you can give these tasks as HW for example. These tasks help your ss
English much many exercises with answers. All much many exercises free and with help function, teaching materials and grammar rules.
Nouns – countable and uncountable 1. Read and find. Find the food and drinks and write them in the boxes. This is my kitchen. We’ve just been shopping. There are some apples in the cupboard and some grapes in the fridge. There is some water and some pasta on the table. We didn’t buy any juice or any eggs, but we did buy some bread. Mmmm
Some and Any Exercise I’ve got some milk I haven’t got any cheese Have you got any sugar? Would you like some water? (this is an offer – be careful!) Fill the gaps using either some or any .
– ENGLISH TEST – BEGINNER 100 QUESTIONS Exercise 1: Tick (P) the suitable answer. 1. Do you work on Saturdays? A Yes, I work B Yes, I do C Yes, I am 2. How old are you? A No, I’m not B I’m 35 C I’m a waiter 3. Do you have a brother? A No, I not have B No, they don’t C No, I don’t 4. Where are they from?
The use of some and any is an important concept for your beginner ESL students to grasp…. The good news is that the rules around the use of some and any are quite explicit. We suggest that you tackle the concept after your students become comfortable with the concept of countable and uncountable nouns, and expressions of quantity.. We have two lessons covering some and any that are ready for

a, some, any – countable and uncountable nouns. A car, some money, any money. A1 – Elementary English grammar and exercises.
some or any exercise. This is the OE version of my ws. This way you can give these tasks as HW for example. These tasks help your ss practise how and when to use some and any. Hope you find them useful. Have a nice weekend. Hugs, Zsuzsapszi.
Use ANY in questions: Have you read any good books lately?; Exception: Always use SOME when offering something (would you like…?) or asking for something (can I have…?) Can I have some soda? Would you like some chicken? Any or No? In sentences that begin with “There,” you can say them two different ways:. There aren’t any books on the table. = There are no books on the table.

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Some or Any Gap Fill. Look at these sentences and decide if some or any should go in the spaces. Remember to look at the grammar review and think about which sentences are offers or requests.
Some vs Any rules examples and exercises– Some for affirmative sentences, any for questions and negative sentences GrammarBank PDF eBooks Click Here
some butter some toasts some eggs some sausages some milk some horses some Cokes some dogs some bottles some pencils But don’t look for: any cats any cream any frogs any cheese any spiders any meat any butterflies
End of the free exercise to learn English: Some/ Any /No A free English exercise to learn English. Other English exercises on the same topic : Quantities All our lessons and exercises
Some or any interactive and downloadable worksheet. You can do the exercises online or download the worksheet as pdf.

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Drag and Drop some or any exercise 1 – Fill in the answer area with some or any to complete the sentences correctly. GrammarBank PDF eBooks Click Here
– Compound words of some, any, no and every – indefinite pronoun some- any- no- every-People Things Places some- someone somebody something somewhere any- anyone anybody anything anywhere no- no one nobody nothing nowhere every- everyone everybody everything everywhere SOME- …
Grammar exercises: any, some. Determiners: a, an, some, or any exercises. Elementary level esl.
Do you know the rules for using some, any, no or a? Check out our grammar page on some and any, and then try the exercise below.. Click on the correct answer: some, any, or no. There are explanatory notes underneath the answers.
We use some and any to talk about unspecific numbers or amounts. Read the grammar explanation below and then try the practice exercise. Some. When to use some (also someone, somebody, something, somewhere):. Affirmative statements There is someone waiting in the lobby.
English Exercises: Some and any * 3 tasks for beginners* with grammar. English Exercises: Some and any * 3 tasks for beginners* with grammar. English Exercises: Some and any * 3 tasks for beginners* with grammar . Visit. Discover ideas about Grammar Book
Determiners any, some – worksheets pdf, handouts to print, printable exercises. Grammar resources. Somebody or anybody . Somewhere or anywhere . Someone and anyone.
Some/any quiz for ESL students. Some or any? Reset Answers Help Answers Help
SOME, ANY, NO AND COMPOUNDS SOME – IN AFFIRMATIVE SENTENCES: I’m going to buy some clothes. There’s some ice in the fridge. We did some exercises. – Some + plural countable nouns I need some new shoes. – Some + uncountable nouns I need some money. – IN QUESTIONS, when a Yes/No answer is expected. Can I have some coffee? Would you like some more meat? ANY – IN NEGATIVE SENTENCES …

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CTIVITY SUGGESTION Before giving this worksheet to your students, review and discuss the rules for quantifiers. Wrap-up by having students compare answers with classmates, and then choose one or two students to write their answers on the board: (1) any; (2) any/some, etc. Correct and discuss any …
We use some and any to talk about quantities of things or something without specifying how much.. I have four pens and six envelopes. We know how many. BUT I have some pens and some envelopes. We don’t know how many here. Usually we use some and any like this:
GRAMMAR WORKSHEET QUANTIFIERS: SOME/ANY STATEMENT NEGATIVE QUESTION Plural Nouns I have some cookies. Uncountable Nouns I need some water. I don’t have any cookies. I don’t need any water. Do you have any cookies? Do you need any water? NOTE 1: With questions in which we expect the answer to be ‘Yes’, we can use ‘some’ instead of
a / an / some / any 1 Completa le frasi con some o any. There isn’t any ice cream. 1 There’s . Created Date: 3/29/2012 10:54:15 AM

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